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At Quantum Sports Management we offer our clients a large variety of services, including:

Contract Negotation


Having accumulated years of contract negotiation experience, we will utilize these skills when it comes to negotiating your contracts, big or small.  We will implement our negotiation strategy based on the particular situation, as well as your instructions. While some clients prefer to remain heavily involved in all contract negotiations, others do not.  Regardless of your preference, you will be extensively advised, well informed and kept up to date throughout the entire process.

Athlete Marketing



A core focus of our agency is applying our creative and innovative marketing tools in both strategizing, developing and implementing specific marketing plans for each individual client.

Brand Management



As an athlete, your name is your brand, and it is our goal to use our branding strategies to not only create your brand, but also promote and intregate it into the sports world.

Client Management



No two people are alike, and that is our philosophy when dealing with our clients.  We treat our clients as individual, not as a group and not as a number on a file.  We strive to offer the best customer service to our clients and will modify and customize our services accordingly to accomodate each of client's individual needs. 

Sponsorships & Endorsements


As key components of all great sport careers, our agency uses our marketing and branding plans, tailored to each individual client, to identify and secure these opportunities for our clients.

Financial Management


As your fame grows, so will your wallet.  We have sourced out some of the top financial management personnel to properly advise and assist you with all your financial needs. We are proudly partnered with Freedom 55 and Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

Special Events & Guest Appearences


Social Media Management


A sometimes-overlooked but important part of being an athlete, we will use our extensive resources to seek these events and appearences out for our clients.

In a world heavily dominated by social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instragram, we advise our clients on how to effectively protect themselves while using their social media accounts, as well as maintain and operate social media accounts for those clients that would like our assistance in doing so.

Charity & Community Outreach


A significant aspect to your life as an athlete, we believe that giving back to the community is crucial in so many ways, including, but not limited to, your public image. We will seek out such opportunities for our clients to connect with communities, as well as engage the public locally, nationally and internationally.

Academic Preparation

To us, education is a extremely valuable life tool.  While not all our clients will choose to attend a post-secondary instition, for those that are keep their options open and/or have an interest in attending a college or university program in Canada or the United States, we can help.  We will advise you in all the necessary and prepatory steps for pursing your educational aspirations.

For more information about our services, please submit your inquiry on our CONTACT page.

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